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about-us-sandy_345x345 Crave Marketing was created by Sandy Dalis, founder of the highly-successful health coaching practice, Crave Nutrition, which is based in one of Atlanta’s premier health and fitness facilities. Sandy is a 2010 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), as well as an Immersionist, Ambassador and Student Coach. Sandy’s previous career as a corporate marketing, media and advertising manager makes her uniquely qualified to offer coaches the best all-in-one marketing materials and Workshops-to-Go in the industry. She is delighted to share them with her students and fellow coaches!

“My favorite part is hearing all the success stories and ways that our tools have helped coaches feel better prepared and more confident so they can truly do what they love!”

Prior to earning her certification from IIN, Sandy was an award-winning marketing manager for the world’s leading donut company. Yes, that’s right – Sandy created strategic and tactical marketing programs and materials to increase sales of donuts and coffee! In addition, Sandy was “addicted” to chocolate chip cookies, and knew that she was on the wrong side of the battle by marketing unhealthy habits to consumers. So she followed her true passion to become a health coach!

Today, Sandy has a thriving and rewarding health coaching practice helping people conquer their cravings and overcome emotional eating! She found that the most effective way to grow her practice was to share her passion and knowledge with a room full of potential clients by offering WORKSHOPS!

So Sandy collaborated with her team of copywriters and designers (the same talented professionals who helped her win those donut marketing awards!) and created WORKSHOPS on hot topics such as Sugar Blues, Detox, 10 Keys to Healthy Eating, Energy, Fueling for Fitness, and more!

Sandy also developed tools and strategies for improving the effectiveness of her Health Histories/Consultations and optimizing her coaching sessions so she could grow her practice better and faster, while helping her clients achieve their goals.  Once again, she collaborated with her team to turn those tools into professionally-designed resources that have helped hundreds of health coaches have more confidence and build a thriving practice. And that’s how Crave Workshops-to-Go and Coaching Essentials were born!

Sandy thought, “Why not share these valuable presentations, marketing materials, strategies, and business growth tactics with other health coaches, so we can all be out there helping people!”

Today, CRAVE’s Workshops-to-Go and Coaching Essentials offer everything you need to present and coach with confidence so that you can GROW THE BUSINESS YOU LOVE! I look forward to supporting you in your health coaching practice, and hearing your success stories! We are behind you all the way


Workshops-to-Go and Crave Coaching Essentials Present and Coach with Confidence!