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Energy Workshop-to-Go

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Great for corporate lunch-and-learns! Show participants how to avoid “brain fog” and the “afternoon slump.” With this Workshop, you explain the common energy-zappers and keys to having more energy all day long. Corporations LOVE workshops like this that improve employee productivity and help their employees learn to have more energy throughout their day. And you are the expert who helps them get started! Audiences love the easy-to-follow PowerPoint presentation. 

The Energy Workshop-to-Go includes:

  • Professionally-designed PowerPoint presentation that you can tailor to your needs!
  • Step-by-step Presentation Guide and materials checklist
  • Complete workshop script so you know exactly what to say!
  • Flyer & poster to promote your workshop – easy to customize with YOUR logo, contact info and workshop information!
  • Hand-out, recipe and article to share with participants
  • Customizable press release to promote YOU!
  • Health History/Consultation sign-up sheet
  • Evaluation form to gather feedback at the end of your workshop
  • The workshop takes 45-60 minutes, or edit it to be shorter or longer!
  • Perfect for Corporate and Community Wellness Workshops and Lunch & Learns
  • Order now and build a health coaching business you love!


To help guide you: The Energy and Beat the Sugar Blues Workshops-to-Go are similar, but positioned differently and beautifully targeted to their topics. The scripts, posters, flyers, and recipe handouts are different for each Workshop. However, several of the PowerPoint slides are similar, and two of the articles and the worksheet are the same, with customized areas specific to the Workshop title. Both workshops are complete, turnkey packages to address the needs of these two different, yet similar audiences. Coaches may wish to purchase one or the other, or purchase both if you wish to have two complete packages with all materials topic-specific.


Cost: $197