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Workshop Questions

How To Purchase

Technical Questions

Workshops Questions

Presentation Tips

Crave Coaching Essentials Questions

Crave Coach Mentoring/POWER PACK Questions

Coach Mentoring Support

You have questions, we have answers! If you don’t see what you’re looking for,
please email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP! In the meantime, see if your questions are answered below. Scroll down to learn more tips and “how-tos!”

How To Purchase


How do I use the BOGO code or coupon?

If you have a code, place your items in your cart. REMEMBER, when you have a BOGO code (Buy One Get One Free) you must place two Workshops-to-Go in your cart in order to receive one free. When you are on the cart screen with your items in your cart, you will see a button that says “Add a Coupon” near the subtotal. Click the button and add your coupon code in the box that appears.


Click update, and the amount of the discount will automatically be deducted!


Please check your updated total to be sure the amount is correct before proceeding to checkout.


How do I get my bulk discount, such as Buy 3 get $100 off OR Buy 4 get 5th free?

It’s easy! Just place the Workshops you want in your cart and proceed to checkout. When you checkout, the discount will automatically be taken!


Technical Questions

How to download to my computer

How do I get the Workshops once I’ve ordered?

The Workshops-to-Go are all downloadable! Once you complete your purchase, you will be sent a receipt via email. In the receipt there will be a link just for you; click on the link to download your Workshops and/or other materials. (You will see a big blue arrow appear at the bottom of your screen showing that your file is downloading.) Note that this link may only be used ONE TIME by YOU. Once you download your Workshop, open it and save it to your computer in any of your file folders. You must have a recent version of Microsoft Office to open the Workshops. Now you just practice and present with confidence!

What programs are needed?

What programs are required to open the Workshops?
You must have a recent version of Microsoft Office, from the previous three to five years. The PowerPoint presentations are in .pptx format and the Word documents are in .docx. We’ve had hundreds of health coaches download and open them with no problem! If you have any trouble, please email us at


Workshop Questions

How to Use Workshops-to-Go

Ready to promote your health coaching business? Studies show that the #1 method for attracting new clients is to offer workshops and presentations in your community! You can speak at community centers, health fairs, corporate lunch-and-learns, charitable organizations, PTSAs, women’s clubs, churches, synagogues, and more! When you give a presentation, you share your expertise and can offer your audiences a free one-on-one consultation. That consultation is where a potential client signs up for your complete program! Workshops help you grow your business! Just click, download, practice and present with confidence!

  • Use customizable Workshops-to-Go for all of your presentations.
  • Practice the script and you’ll be a natural in front of your audiences!
  • Add your name, logo and information to the accompanying Workshop-to-Go flyers & posters and post them in your community to create awareness about your workshops and your business.
  • Customize the press releases with your name, contact information and “where/when” details about your workshop and send to local papers
  • Give the handouts and recipes/articles to participants during your workshop (tailor them with your logo!)
  • Use feedback forms so you can follow up with attendees.

Click to see all of our Workshops-to-Go!

Once you’ve purchased your Workshops-to-Go, here’s what you’ll do next:

  1. Download your purchase by clicking the link on your receipt. Be sure to check your email!
  2. If you ordered a Workshop-to-Go, you’ll be downloading a .pptx file (that’s a PowerPoint presentation) and a folder containing Word documents (.docx) and Adobe documents (.pdf). You can open the .pptx file in the following programs:
    • PC PowerPoint (Microsoft Office) version 2007 or higher
    • Mac Keynote or PowerPoint for Mac
    • iPad & iPhone – Keynote – must first be downloaded onto a computer, uploaded to Cloudon or Dropbox (both are free to use!) and then can be downloaded to your iPad or iPhone using Keynote.
  3. Your Word (.docx) documents can be opened in the following programs:
    • PC Word
    • Mac Pages or Word for Mac
    • iPad & iPhone Pages

Once you’ve downloaded your file, save it and customize the materials with your information. Then practice and present! And enjoy your new freedom and growing business!

How to customize

How do I add my name or logo to a Workshops-to-Go presentation?

Workshops-to-Go PowerPoint presentations are customizable! To add your name or logo, just copy and paste your logo into the box on the PowerPoint slide where it says “your logo here.” There is a slide at the beginning and end for your name/logo. The PowerPoint presentation is professionally designed with content and images; however, it can also be copied and pasted into your own template.

The marketing materials, flyers and posters are also customizable for your logo, name and contact information. Just copy and paste your logo into the highlighted areas on the documents that say “your logo here.” Make sure you read through all of the materials before you use them; there are many areas for you to tailor with your name and information if you like!

Can I add information about the supplements I sell?

Yes! Workshops-to-Go are easily customizable! You can add slides to incorporate your products into your presentation; just copy and paste into the Workshops-to-Go PowerPoint template.

Can I use Workshops-to-Go for a webinar?

Can I use a Workshops-to-Go PowerPoint in a webinar?

Yes, the Workshops-to-Go presentations are GREAT for webinars. You may use the slides in “view” mode only; participants may view the slides but will not be allowed to download them. (This makes sense since these are your health information/education slides.) Any unauthorized download is a copyright infraction. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help!


Can I add or delete slides?

Yes! Workshops-to-Go presentations are completely customizable! You can add or delete slides to tailor your presentation to meet your needs and the needs of your audience.

What’s included?

What do the Workshops-to-Go packages include?

When you download your Workshop-to-Go package, you’ll see the file “Read First” for What’s Inside. Here’s what you get with every high-quality package:

  • Professional PowerPoint
    With pictures, facts, frequently-asked questions, all the information your audience needs, plus speakers’ notes and a comprehensive script for you to follow. And it’s customizable! You can add your logo, contact info and add or edit slides even the way it is displayed! It’s just like you did it yourself, only we did it for you so you have more time to help others!
  • Step-by-step Script
    Comprehensive step-by-step words and support materials that go along with the PowerPoint presentation. This is an incredible package! You’ll know exactly what to say!
  • Materials checklist
    Everything you need to remember to pack, photocopy, make, bring, read, review all in one easy-to-use checklist! You’ll know just what to bring, because I’ve done it hundreds of times and I keep my bag packed!
  • Customizable flyers and posters
    Two versions of each! One flyer/poster set says “Join the “Free” workshop,” the other does not have the word “Free” on it in case you want to charge a fee. You can customize the flyers and posters with your date, time, contact information & logo (and price details if you like).
  • Customizable Press Release
    Also two versions (“Free” and “Not Free”) Customize any or all of the press release with your date, time, contact information and any other details!
  • Workshop Sign-in Sheet
    Gather names and emails from your audience and send them your Newsletter. It’s so important that the Sign-in Sheet look well-organized and professional, and that you use it to get names to start connecting with potential customers!
  • Consultation Sign-up sheet
    This is also professionally-designed to represent your business and encourage audience members to sign-up with confidence! Two versions; one says “Free Consultation” on it and one does not say “Free” in case you charge.
  • Worksheets, Recipes, Articles
    Each Workshops-to-Go package comes with beautifully designed handouts, articles and/or recipes for you to share with your audience. They’ll appreciate this extra effort and more information to help them get healthy!
  • Evaluation Form
    Professionally designed and ready for your audience members to fill out at the end of your workshop. This is your best feedback and can help you continue to grow and give more workshops with confidence!


How long is a Workshops-to-Go?

Workshops-to-Go are perfect for Corporate and Community Wellness Workshops and Lunch & Learns. If you follow the scripts exactly, they run approximately 45 – 60 minutes, depending on how quickly you present and the amount of participation from your audience (i.e. questions, answers, stories). Each PowerPoint has from 35 to 45 slides. Workshops-to-Go are customizable so you can add or edit to fit the time you have and the needs of your audience.


Presentation Tips

Tips for Presentation Anxiety

I’m anxious about public speaking. HELP!

Instead of avoiding giving workshops and missing out on all those new clients who are out there (right in your target market) waiting for your help, try some of these tips for overcoming your fear!

Have the right tools!

How about a Workshop kit already done for you? Well, that’s my passion, too! I’ve developed Workshops-to-Go with you in mind! I created these workshops with a professional copywriter and graphic designer, so all you have to do is put in your contact info and practice the step-by-step script (included) and put up the beautiful posters (included) send out the press release if you like (included, plus more!) I’ve presented them dozens of times myself, and so have lots of our health coach peers! Every single one of them has said it went great and was sooo easy. Having the right tools makes all the difference!
A recent IIN grad said to me just last week, “I’m so afraid I’ll forget everything I know once I get in front of the audience and I’ll freeze up and sound like an idiot.” This is not going to happen! We are intelligent, passionate, insightful, giving, helpful health coaches who are here to change the world, one meal, one person at a time! All you have to do is look at the slide behind you and the fascinated faces in front of you! You can’t forget, because it’s right there on beautiful PowerPoint slides, and you have a script and a step-by-step guide to keep you on track. Plus, it’s what you know and what you’re passionate about!

Practice, practice, practice!

That’s really all you have to do to become confident! The step-by-step guide and speakers notes in the Workshops-to-Go tell you exactly what to say. Practice clicking through the PowerPoint so you know every word on every slide. Practice saying the script out loud, first by yourself in front of a mirror, then with a friend, then practice with a small group of friends. (The first time I did Sugar Blues I did it for a client and a few of her friends at her apartment. The second time I did it for a packed room of strangers – there is really no difference! Once you know it, you can present it with confidence to any group!). Practice until you feel good, and by the time of the event, you will be ready to rock the house!

Get in touch with your purpose and passion!

Remember when you first went to IIN and started learning all this great stuff about how to heal yourself and help others? Think about how you felt! Remember how excited you were! Has your life changed for the better? Do you believe in your message? Yes! You have a passion for wellness and helping people and people in your community are waiting for you to share what you‘ve learned and how they can do it! The impact of your talk could be profound … “one workshop could change someone’s life” – right? It’s so true!

Reframe your fear

You’re excited, not nervous! When you start feeling the adrenalin, consider it excitement. Check in with your negative self-talk and ask yourself “is it true?” You know more about Sugar Blues or Energy or 10 Keys or your favorite topic than anyone in the audience, and you have valuable information and stories to share! The other day a doctor came to my workshop. I’ll admit that I was a little intimidated. But instead of feeling threatened, I involved him by giving him the job of reading the labels on some of the packaged food (turns out he’s an eye doctor! Ha!) He came up to me after the presentation, thanked me and said that I had inspired him! Me? He’s a doctor! But he repeated word-for-word some of the things I’d said and told me how much sense it made, that he hadn’t thought of it that way before. He was so appreciative of the presentation and he signed up for a consultation! I was so excited and proud of myself! I still can’t believe it! (Oh, wait – that’s negative self-talk – yes I can!)


Put on some music, dance around, go for a run, take a Kardio Funk class – just shake the sillies out of your system a couple of hours or so prior to your workshop!

Get there early

This might seem obvious, but as a person who is always struggling with being on time, I feel that it is worth mentioning! You’ll want to have plenty of time to set up the room, put out the handouts and signup sheets (included in Workshops-to-Go!) get some water, set up the chairs, run through the slides, check your equipment – all that stuff. At a workshop I gave last month, I arrived at the workshop venue (where I’d done several workshops in the past) and to my surprise, they had painted the wall on which I was planning to project my slides! It used to be white (perfect for the slides) but now it was a, dark grey! And to make matters worse, they had mounted a big flat screen TV right in the middle of my wall! Fortunately, I had gotten there early and was able to get a screen from the center’s manager and set it up in front of that TV – just in time! Phew! Talk about anxiety! I am so glad I got there early!

Wear a real name tag

This might sound crazy, but I’m telling you it works! It makes you feel more credible and more professional! Just like when mild-mannered Clark Kent puts on his red tights and cape and turns into Superman, you, too, can transform yourself from Nervous Nelly to Confident Coach with your own name tag! It gives you confidence. Get a real, plastic nametag made (I’m not talking about wearing one of those “Hello my name is… stickers, those can be for your audience!) Have it inscribed with your name and your title: Holistic Health Coach.
I never leave home without it! ; )

Compose yourself

Do a tree pose (yoga) or some deep breathing! Right before one of my most memorable presentations (to one of the largest groups I’ve ever presented to), I went into an empty conference room and did the tree pose for about 10 minutes. It gave me strength and courage and made me focused and relaxed. If there isn’t an empty room available I do it in the bathroom!

Just do it!

Trust the universe and take a leap of faith! It’s not just a Nike ad. You really can do it! Once you get started and realize that you are talking about a topic you are passionate about, and people are listening and learning and responding and having fun, you will RELAX, BREATHE and start ENJOYING it! And once you have that first workshop behind you, you will be addicted, because it’s FUN and it WORKS! Embrace it, breathe, smile and have fun! You are doing what you love – helping others become healthier!


Tell a friend, post your accomplishment on Facebook, share with your family, congratulate yourself in the mirror! Do something to pat yourself on the back, take a moment to feel proud of yourself, and celebrate! YOU DID IT! : )

Equipment/projector needed?

Just curious – when you give workshops, do you carry your own projector and screen with you or are you usually somewhere that they are provided? (By the way, I just bought 10 Keys to Healthy Eating — I love your workshop materials!)

This is an important detail that you should confirm with the event or location manager as soon as you are booked at a location. I have my own projector (Epson) and small portable screen that I use when needed. However, more often than not, the company or event location is able to provide the projector and either a screen, large monitor or a blank wall. If you have never used a projector, MAKE SURE you arrive early enough to practice or ask if you can come in a day or two in advance to check out the room and equipment. I will often bring my own equipment as backup – I’ve found it’s come in handy to be prepared!

If you are bringing your own equipment, I recommend setting it up at home before the day of the event to make sure that everything is in working order (and that you have all cords, that the light bulb works, etc.) Bring an extension cord, some duct tape to place over the cord (so no one trips) and an extra projector bulb (just in case). Arrive to your event early to set up and do a mini-run-through make sure there aren’t any surprises!


Crave Coaching Essentials Questions

What’s included in the Crave Coaching Essentials?
See Crave Coaching Essentials page.


Crave Coach Mentoring/POWER PACK Questions

What’s included in the Crave Power Pack?

See Coach Mentoring page.

How do I get my two (2) Workshops-to-Go included in the CRAVE POWER PACK? And how do I schedule my coaching session with Sandy?

Once you’ve purchased the Coach Mentoring with the CRAVE POWER PACK, email to schedule your coaching session. Sandy will email you a CODE for you to download your choice of TWO Workshops-to-Go. (Note that Sandy can provide recommendations regarding which Workshops-to-Go would work best for your upcoming events/venues/audience.)


Coach Mentoring Support

How to set up Mentoring with Coach Sandy?

Once you’ve purchased the CRAVE POWER PACK or individual/package Coaching sessions, email to schedule your sessions.

How do I get a company/organization to hire me?

How do I get an organization or company to “hire” me to speak to its members or employees?

We’ve got you covered with our free “Seal the Deal” Corporate Wellness Workshop Package! FREE! It includes everything you need to follow up with a Human Resources Director, Program Manager, Wellness Manager, or any organization you think would benefit from your workshops! You’ll get a follow-up letter, research on why health workshops work, descriptions of workshops — it’s all in here! Download your free copy here.

Helpful hints for downloading our Seal the Deal Corporate Wellness Workshop package:

Just click “Add to Cart” then click “>>>checkout” at the bottom of your cart screen. On the checkout page, enter your email at the top left and either checkout as a guest or use your previous account and password. Fill in your billing address (you won’t be charged for anything, but that’s the way the cart technology works!) and just below that CHECK THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (the lawyers make us do that  ). Then click “confirm order.” That will take you to the download page. See “Download your Purchases” and click the link below that. Your download will begin immediately. Just click on the downloaded file and save the package to your computer! You can customize it, then print, practice and present! Now you have the support you need to book workshops, grow your health practice and help more people live healthier lives!