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w-2-g_top-left-photo_353x285 The #1 way to grow your practice is for you to share your passion and knowledge with a room full of potential clients! The best way to do that is to offer Workshops in your community! Hundreds of coaches have used and loved Crave Marketing’s Workshops-to-Go, with everything you need to present with confidence. Each workshop is packed with customizable PowerPoints, scripts, handouts, sign-up sheets, flyers, and more. So easy to use, you can download today, present with confidence tomorrow!

Click on our top-selling Workshops-to-Go to purchase or learn more:

Why Workshops?

Every day I hear Joshua saying, “You don’t meet anyone in your living room!”

That’s why I created done-for-you tools that will give you the CONFIDENCE to get out there!

Are you nervous about giving workshops? So was I, and so were so many coaches just like you – BEFORE they used our Workshops-to-Go and our tips for presenting!

Now they are confidently building a business they love and YOU CAN too!

I held my first Sugar Blues workshop last week.

Thanks to your material, I was well prepared and came off as an experience professional!

I had a fantastic time and I am looking forward to running the 10 Keys to Healthy Eating next! Thank you!

– Melaney

I cannot even express how many thanks I have for you, I just finished my talk today and it was so successful and I’m so so thankful! It made my life so easy…

– Lilia

I got two workshops-to-go and two flyers. I am truly impressed and can’t wait to take this to the next stage!

– Isabel


Beat the Sugar Blues Workshops-to-Go

You will love giving this engaging workshop! It’s fun, interactive and shows people why they need to get off the sugar rollercoaster (wait until they see the Coke bottle!) Beat the Sugar Blues is more than just a professionally-designed PowerPoint; it has a full script, worksheets, handouts…



10 Keys to Healthy Eating Workshops-to-Go

With this top-selling workshop, you are the expert who helps people learn to separate food fiction from fact, offering 10 keys people can do right now to lose weight and begin living a healthier life! The script and slides make it easy to use, and the handouts provide…



Detox Workshops-to-Go


Our Detox Workshop is our customers’ top pick! Loaded with the latest research, cleansing strategies, meal plan, flyers, handouts, and a word-for-word script (with sample Qs & As) so you will feel incredibly prepared and confident! Includes a 10-Day Detox Menu Plan and 20 Detox.



Energy Workshops-to-Go

Great for corporate lunch-and-learns Show participants how to avoid brain fog and the afternoon slump. With this Workshop, you explain the common energy-zappers and keys to having more energy all day long. Corporations LOVE workshops like this that improve employee productivity and…



Cold Busters Workshops-to-Go

A spot-on seasonal workshop to help people learn the best ways to stay healthy (and keep their family well!) all winter long. The PowerPoint and script help you show off your expertise, and the Consultation Sign-up Sheet and handouts promote your one-on-one health coaching. Perfect for Corporate and Community Wellness Workshops and…



Fueling for Fitness Workshops-to-Go

Help people understand how to properly eat to sustain and recover from their workouts so they can really meet their fitness goals. Perfect for audiences at health and fitness clubs, Pilates and yoga studios, community recreation centers, corporate lunch-and-learns and more. Everything you need to present with confidence and…



Sugar Blues en Español Workshops-to-Go

Same awesome, done-for-you workshop and materials as our English Sugar Blues Workshop-to-Go package, with materials professionally translated in Spanish!