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Detox Promotional Flyer Inspiring Health Coaches to Inspire

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FR_Detox Detox Promotional FlyerDetox is HOT HOT HOT! Grow your business by letting potential clients know that you can help them with a safe, healthy, Detox program and one-on-one support. Promote your Health Coaching practice and Detox offering with this FREE poster from Crave Marketing!  Post it in shops and businesses in your community; schools and recreation centers; faith-based organizations and more!

Another way to promote your Detox support is by offering a Workshop. If you don’t have a workshop presentation yet, don’t worry. That’s what this site is all about! Just look click Workshops-to-Go and Coaching Essentials to see all of our already-done-for-you offerings and how they can help you have the health coaching practice you’ve always dreamed of!

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Workshops-to-GoOur Detox Workshop is our customers’ top pick! Loaded with the latest research, cleansing strategies, meal plan, flyers, handouts, and a word-for-word script (with sample Qs & As) so you will feel incredibly prepared and confident! Includes a 10-Day Detox Menu Plan and 20 Detox.